Former Big Brother Africa Housemate, Tayo Faniran Accuses S.A Rapper, AKA Of Xenophobia


AKA  and Tayo Faniran
S.A Rapper, AKA and Tayo Faniran

Former Big Brother Africa housemate, Tayo Faniran has called South African rapper, AKA out on social media accusing him of xenophobia.

Tayo slammed the rapper, after AKA tweeted on his country losing to Nigerian at the ongoing AFCON match.

Sharing some of AKA’s Tweets, Tayo Faniran said;

‘These are highly xenophobic statements, pure display of illiteracy, spoken like a low life from the corner, definitely not an African role model, I’m disappointed in you AKA, we are preaching peace and all you do is to spit out this dirty nonsense?

“You see when I mentioned that deep down many of these African stars that we support with our money and minds actually hate us, foreigners, I wish all your Nigerian fans can see; this is how they start these xenophobic attacks over nothing, what a shame!”


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