How I Almost Got Married – Rita Dominic

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Rita Dominic
Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic has always left fans and critic guessing as regards her marital status — If she was secretly married or yet to marry at all.

In a society like Nigeria where a woman’s marriage is equated with her success in life, and where woman of a certain age are judged so harshly when married, Dominic becomes an interesting topic.

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However, in an interview during a TVC programme, ‘Your View’, the 44-year-old screen div said, “At the end of the day if I am going to do it, I’m going to do it for myself not because the society wants me to.”

“I have always said I would marry the man of my dream, not the man society dreams for me. The society finds something wrong with you when you are of a certain age and you are not married. But I think its the society that something is wrong with for wanting someone to do something on its own terms and not on the person’s own terms.

“I almost got married to someone. We were there, it almost happened. But I’m kind of happy it didn’t happen because there were signs that it would not have worked out well, the signs were there, I just ignored it but I’m happy it didn’t happen. A grown-up man cannot change. There’s always a feeling you could change someone but changing an adult is difficult,” she quipped.

“I can be erratic. I can be unpredictable and I used to be hot-tempered,” she said.