Irrelevant And Successful People Stabbed Me In The Back’ – Mo Abudu

'A Number Of Successful People Have Stabbed Me In The Back' - Mo Abudu

Media guru Mo Abudu has taken to her IG page to share a motivational post advising that people stay focused on their goals and ignore irrelevant people.

According to her, she has had a couple of irrelevant people and some perceived successful people stab her in the back.

She wrote;


“A good friend of mine shared this African proverb with me yesterday and it made so much sense. “it’s not every dog that barks in the market that you answer”. Just to say that as we are on this journey called life, and as we build, as we start to see and experience some level of success, all sorts of people will come after you. They will even say all sorts, do all sorts, but don’t get distracted. Some of them will even try and use your relevance to make their “irrelevant” lives relevant. It’s all a distraction. What is key is that you continue to stay focused on your end goals.

“In my personal journey, I just find it absolutely incredible, that for every stab anyone tries to take at me, believe me, a few have tried, some “irrelevant and a few perceived successful ones too, but like magic, GOD just gives me such a GLORIOUS LIFT that just propels me even further. So actually the “Stabs” have become my stepping stones to even greater things. So “Stab” me some more, please. I truly am grateful oh Lord. You have stood by me ALL the way. Turning EVERY CHALLENGE into a MIGHTY OPPORTUNITY. So beautiful people, the key is dream big, plan, focus, hard work, tenacity, persistence, teamwork, do the right thing and serve God, then the magic happens.”



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