Lady Dumps Fiancée After Receiving Over N1.9M In Cash, Gifts

fiance @anwurichi

A Twitter user @anwurichi has shared the story of a lady who dumped her fiance, after dating and collecting 80k on a monthly basis from the guy, for two years.

According to the story, the guy decided to be paying the lady the said amount because that is what she earns at her place of work and the guy, who is reportedly said to be well to do, asked her to be saving the money while she spends the 80k he pays her.

Read the full story below:

I am pained. So, my cousin’s fiancee just broke off their engagement.  They met in 2017 she works for a firm where she earns 80k, my cousin being all lovina decided to be paying her 80k per month so she doesn’t spend her salary rather she spends the one he sends to her.

Aunty was forming all loving, feigning love, for 2 years, my cousin finally proposed last month aunty accepted ring in public and before family, fast forward to this morning aunty said she can’t marry my cousin anymore because she never loved him.

Aunty said she was only interested in the extra salary and gifts my cousin was showering she, her family and friends, she never lacked anything so she was over comfortable, that truth is she has fallen in love with another gentleman last year October.

Asked why she didn’t say anything since October aunty said she didn’t want to hurt my cousin, why then wait till after you collected ring and accepted to marry him aunty said she thought my cousin wasn’t serious.

My cousin was ready to marry her 4months after they met aunty kept postponing it saying she ain’t ready, now my cousin is heartbroken, disappointed and angry, he has sworn never to treat a lady like a queen again

My question is what exactly is wrong with we WOMEN, how do you treat someone who treats you like a queen like trash? Na wa o if ever I had or have who treated me and my family like heaven I did lick the very floor he steps on, lass lass some women are scum.

See her tweet below:


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