Man Allegedly Rapes 21-Year-Old Employee; Offers 10k Settlement To Family Members

rape benue Ukan Kurugh

Ukan Kurugh, a popular Benue based activist, has taken to his Facebook page to share the story of how an employer allegedly raped his 21-year-old employee.

According to the story, the suspect is said to have pressured the family of the victim into collecting ten thousand naira as settlement because of how ”vulnerable” they are.

Read the full story below:

This little girl was forcefully raped in a car by her employer, the brother approached him (rapist) after the girl was taken to the lab and test carried out was confirmed by the lab scientist of a penetration. The rapist went to the same lab for HIV testing when the brother called his attention to the incidence and he agreed to it saying, he was sorry and the test was duly carried out on him too.
He knew the family is vulnerable (not having) so he took advantage of bringing in a police CID who is his friend and the man confirmed at first that the rapist did it, but later turned to help frustrate the case (the girl’s brother narrated all these to me).
The rapist gave the girl’s mother N10k for settlement but she refused initially, she was only pressured to receive the money by some by an elder who knew about it. The mother was indeed wise and kept the money as evidence/exhibit.
Now the rapist is denying ever meeting the girl in any instance even and they on the other hand never reported to the police aside having the test results, since they have nobody to reveal this to or follow up, until yesterday the brother inboxed me. I will call the policeman today, the manager of the hotel as well, the rapist, the girl and her mother and speak to them. The mother I am told wants justice for her daughter and nothing more.
Il keep you guys updated on all my movement about this particular matter.

See his Facebook post below:


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