Man Sets Twitter Agog As He Highlights What His Girlfriend Has Done For Him

Twitter Users Brutally Drag Man Who Listed What His Woman Has Done For Him

A Twitter user, Bob Phondo, has gotten more than he bargained for after he took to the social media platform to brag about his woman.

According to Bob, he was meant to list 10 things about his woman as a way of gushing about just how sweet she is, but may have missed the point causing many to immediately mock him.

In his words;

I wanna share 10 things about this woman before we wed this weekend;

1. When I met her I had no place to stay. I was sleeping on a couch at a friend’s house. And she knew.

2. I found a place later on, and she helped pay my rent for months

3. She got me my first car ever.

4. My laptop got damaged and I needed it so much at the time so I could work on my things in order to earn something. She gave me hers.

5. She covered most costs for our dates for a year.

6. She invested in our first two businesses together. And opted for me to run them full time

7. I never met her mom until when I brought my family to meet hers

8. She celebrated and congratulated me for any penny I made at the time, even when it was as little as $10

9. She supported everything I was trying to do to make ends meet. Whether it earned us money or not.

10. Though I’m very stable and all that now, I know she doesn’t really care about those things. She cares about me solely. I know she’d give me anything in the world if she had to, coz she has proved it over and over again Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the kinda woman I’m marrying

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