Nigerian Model With Tribal Marks, Adetutu Goes Naked In New Photos

Nigerian model and anti-bully activist Adetutu OJ Alabi, who caught the attention of International singer, Rihanna after she started a campaign called #tribalmarkschallenge, to encourage Africans with tribal marks and also advocate for the ban of facial scarring, has caused a stir on the internet.

Adetutu OJ
Adetutu OJ

Proving that she is more confident in her own skin and tribal marks, Adetutu shared some photos of her nakedness.

In one of the photos, the model wore a net top which fully exposed her bare breasts.

In another photo, she laid down by the beach wearing nothing at all, except for some waist beads.

It didn’t end there; she penned a message to those who might want to criticize her by saying ‘Going unclad is unAfrican.

The supermodel told her supposed critics to research their history first.

Was she referring to Adam and Eve in the bible?

See more photo below:

Adetutu OJ


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