Nigerians ‘Humiliate’ Keyamo For Praising Kwara State Governor For Carrying His Own Bag At The Airport


Festus Keyamo

The spokesperson for the 2019 presidential campaign of the All Progressives Congress(APC), Festus Keyamo, has been dragged on social media over his “mediocre” post.

Keyamo had taken to Twitter on Thursday morning to praise Kwara state governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq, for carrying his own bag at the airport.

In the video shared by Keyamo(SAN), the Kwara state governor is seen standing in a queue, carrying his own sling bag, earning him some accolades from Keyamo.

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Keyamo wrote: Commendable humility and civility: Kwara Governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq, on the queue at the airport carrying his own sling bag across his shoulders.


Reacting, a Twitter user wrote: “Is the bag not his own?

“Is every man not supposed to bear their own burden?

“Your next tweet will be:
“Commendable humility and civility”:
“The President is putting rice into his mouth, using his own spoon

“This is the shameful next level APC has brought Nigeria into.”

Another wrote: “A man carrying his backpack is humility. Have you seen Peter Obi pushing his cart at the airport? Do you know how humble Peter Obi is? There’s nothing you people won’t celebrate.

“What if he was carrying money like Ganduje and doesn’t want to hand it over to someone?

One even wrote: “Very true. I agree with you Festus Keyamo. He is so humble that he feeds himself, baths himself & even breathe the same air as us. SMH. Association is indeed contagious.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “Pls I stand to be corrected, what is the big deal in you carrying your stuff yourself. Abnormalities have become normal in our land. When unserious and incompetent people are in position, this is the type of post they publish. Jobless ventures. When unserious and incompetent people are in position, this is the type of post they publish. Jobless ventures.”


  • Festus Keyamo travels a lot,so I am very sure he must have heard or seen President,ministers Governors of those countries do their own things, y celebrate what is suppose to be a standard, he disappoints me,well eating crumbs from his masters table is what he knows how to do best in this next level Govt.

  • this is just the beginning of the many drama that would be on display if God decides to let APC and Buhar to continue in power. GOD PLEASE FORBID

  • well we Nigerians can never be satisfied. we see am man bearing his own burden himself we say it not suppose to be. if this incident had happened in the western developed countries we will praise them and even want our Nigerian leaders to learn from them.
    social media is our problem……….. Mr governor continue oh…… don’t mind them…….. if you had used 10 to 20 escorts they will be the one to criticize you and tag you ad a corrupt governor………. nothing one tries to do to at least please the masses that will work…….. we prefer tyranny to freedom………. I REST MY CASE…

  • I am so Surprise about Human Rights Activist Festus Keyamo turned Politician Rights Activist. Shameful. Nigeria is missing Gani Fawehinmi.

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