‘Nigerians Love Me Now Because The Rest Of The World Does’ – Burna Boy



BET awards winner Burna Boy is of the opinion that Nigerians only now love him because the rest of the world does.

In an interview with Billboard, the singer spoke on his plan to take his music worldwide and also play in a stadium in China.

“This has always been my vision,” he says. “Not like I planned it, just that I knew I should stick to doing what I’m doing. It’s almost like climbing steps — you keep going up.”

On his local growth, Burna Boy stated that;

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“Nigerians love me a lot more now because they can see that the whole world likes me, too. They think I’m something special, but I’m not. I’m just a human whose skill is making music. The way I see it, everyone plays their own role in the world, and no role is more important than the other.”

On being one of the richest Nigerian artists, he said, “You are only as rich as where you come from, and Nigeria has a lot of poverty.”


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