Rat Chews Off Dead Baby’s Ear In Anambra


A rat has reportedly eaten the ear of a dead baby at the Victory Children’s Hospital, Onitsha, Anambra State.

According to a police report, the hospital, its management and workers have been cleared from taking the blame for the 2015 incident which had the deceased baby’s family thinking the incident was for a ritual purpose.

Reports have it that a member of the baby’s family Solomon Igwe, upon unwrapping the corpse of the baby discovered that the right ear of the baby had been severed from the body.

He immediately reported the case at the Central Police Station, Onitsha, and then went on to accuse Dr Oliver Umeh as being responsible for the missing ear. The doctor was eventually arrested and detained.

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However, he got tired of the case not getting solved and went on to petition the Inspector-General of Police and the petition was forwarded to the Commissioner of Police.

During the investigation, the family reportedly demanded the sum of N10m for Dr Oliver Umeh but never gave them as he saw it as blackmail and in turn wrote a counter-petition to the Deputy Inspector-General of Police asking that the case be transferred to Abuja for an unbiased investigation.

Two autopsies were done in the course of the investigation which also showed the parents of the dead child had brought her to the hospital as a referral case from St. Mary’s Hospital, Okpoko Onitsha.

The baby, however, died 45 minutes upon arriving at the new hospital but the parents left the baby’s corpse in the hospital and upon returning to collect the corpse, they discovered that the deceased’s right ear had been severed.

Years later, investigation showed the baby’s ear was eaten by a rat.