RUGA: RMD Fires Back At Follower Who Accused Him Of Fighting A Wrong Cause

Nigerian Veteran Actor, Richard Mofe Damijo has replied a social media user on his open letter post against the Federal Government RUGA settlement.

Richard Mofe-Damijo

Recall that the actor posted a full-fledged write up against federal government RUGA settlement.

According to the actor, it is a constitutional breach of the Land Use Act, 1978.

The actor went ahead to start a campaign against RUGA initiative, with the hashtag #SayNoToRuga.

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However, he has gotten praises as well as backlashes from his social media followers, as a lot of people are divided by his stance.

One of his followers identified as John_David_uche challenged his stance, stressing that he was disappointed by the actor.



  1. Please, RMD as I want to agree with your stand on none implementation of Rugs or Ranches to avoid Farmers/Herders clashes around the country, can you kindly in your own opinions, “What do have in place to sort out the constant Farmers/Herders clashes?

  2. note the word is rugga nd the intent is a gradual migration firstly unofficially into the south ,east nd west then a government official support to spread Islam,conversion nd a radicalized occupation of these environment,the question I want to ask why are these changes happening,the migration in trailers to these areas of interest,the pmb law of submission of guns , legally acquired or not the fullani radii project ,the rugga agende.Nigerians we better wake up.the north have enough grasses for their cows ,coming to the south is for marketing.again whose land is to be conceded to Fulani’s ,pole with a history of rape ,destruction nd violence.the fed gov must be ceraful if they think they are trading with is time for us to have a true south nd north Nigeria nd our activities nd movement to change nd restricted where necessary.the south,east,middle belt nd west should resist this ugly attempt nd fight with their last flesh nd see who will call for stop.imagine one ideot giving others living in the north 39days ultimatum what a nonsence threat.the south made u see civilisation ,feed u nd accepted the infidel amongst u nd u dare talk of moving out, we don’t need the north any more they should at the same time be moving from the south,east ,middle belt nd south