Security Men Allegedly Beat Ladies For Talking Loud In Hotel

An Instagram user @teebetty8 has shared the story of how she and her friends were beaten by security operatives at a hotel for talking out loud.

According to the lady, they had gone to the hotel to celebrate her younger sister’s birthday before they were beaten by the security operatives attached to the hotel.

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What security men did to us last night for talking outside the hotel. We went to celebrate my younger sister’s birthday yesterday at four gates hotel, we were about to see one of our friends off and stood just at the bus stop of four gates cause we have an unsettled matter to settle, I and friends were talking outside and a security man came and told us we were shouting and disturbing the business, we told him we’re not shouting that we’re just talking and he said he’s going to whip us with koboko and we told him why will you whip us cause we’re your customers and if we don’t patronize you they won’t pay you your salary so why will you whip us for talking outside the hotel. Then another security man came from nowhere sprayed t-gas into my friend’s eyeballs and whipped her with koboko, we trying to defend ourselves he sprayed the t-gas into my eyeballs, whipped me koboko right on my cheek and all over my body whipped my friends too without doing anything and all he could say was we were rude to a uniformed man

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