Sex Toy Senator Abbo Granted Bail

Senator Elisha Abbo, who has been embroiled in trouble since the video of him assaulting a nursing mother in a sex toy shop in Abuja surfaced has been granted bail.

Abbo, on Thursday, surrendered himself to the Police Command of the Federal Capital Territory for questioning over the assault on a nursing mother.

Senator Abbo
Senator Elisha Abbo

Reports emerging at moment says Abbo was released on Friday afternoon after the lawmaker passed the night in police custody.

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Senator Abbo had apologised to the woman on Wednesday, during a press briefing organised by himself to address matters over the video which showed him assaulting her.


  1. This man apologized officially to Nigerians. I think he should be pardoned and forgiven. I believe this was the biggest mistake in his life and he has learned his lessons. Life itself comes with trials. I wish him good luck.


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