South African Gay Men Want Pantless Dancer’s TV Show Cancelled

Popular South African pantless dancer, Zodwa Wabantu might lose her reality show anytime soon.

Wabantu has come under attack by some gay men who signed a petition for the show to be cancelled.

Actress Zodwa Wabantu
Pantless Dancer, Zodwa Wabantu

Wabantu had incurred the wrath, after she threw shades at South African gay celebrities on last week’s episode of her Zodwa uncensored reality TV show.

The dancer had called them out, saying that they should not behave like women, because they do not have vaginas.

She went on to say that gay men are being done a favour by being allowed to stay in the same space with women.

This statement, however, was not well-received as it was tagged trans-phobic and homophobic.

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This led to a petition being signed to take down her reality show which broadcasts on DSTV Channel 157.

At the moment, only 240 signatures are remaining to complete the 7,500 signatures campaign to cancel the show.

However, things have taken a new twist as fans of the entertainer have also launced a new petition in an attempt to save her reality show.

Watch the video below: