Styl Plus, Plantashun Boiz, Mo Hits, Remedies: You Have Only One Choice, Which Would You Bring Back??? – See Nigerians Choice

mo hit, plantashun boiz, styl plus
Mo Hits Crew

A questionnaire is currently trending on social media wherein Nigerians are asked which of the pioneer musical group among Plantashun Boiz, Remedies, Mo Hit and Style Plus they would like to bring back if they are to make a choice.

A larger percentage of Nigerians who participated in the questionnaire went for Style Plus while a few went for Plantashun Boiz.

Very little went for Mo Hits and no one went for Remedies during the exercise.

Which would you love to bring back among the aforementioned???

See how Nigerians reacted to the questionnaire;


Plantashun Boiz would have done it for me, but Styl plus men.

I miss those guys.

— AKọ̀wé Kọ Wúrà of PH (@BodeWrites) July 14, 2019

Between mo’hits and Styl plus… Hard to choose from

— SLIMZADDY (JUNE 15TH) (@iamJayOfficiall) July 14, 2019

Styl plus! Not one bad song.

Mo hits was whole label! Plantashun boiz deserve the most plaudits (got us buying lyric books at a time that every young Nigerian just wanted to listen to American music). Remedies 🤦🏾‍♂️

— The Olusheyi (@Oshey_O) July 14, 2019

Styl Plus remains the only recognized group.. The others are just like our typical Nigeria political parties; if their interest isn’t met, they jump ship & sail alone!

— Sapiosexual™ #BBNaija (@_Mazimum) July 14, 2019

Is Styl Plus really defunct, cus they performed recently at “Pencil unbroken show”

For me, Styl Plus anyday.

— Mega Marvellous (@megablinks) July 14, 2019