Tell A Yoruba Guy How You Were Hurt Before, He’ll Only Prove To You That The Former Guy Was A Learner – Lady Narrates Relationship Experience

Yoruba guys relationship

A Twitter user @oroboghene has asserted that Yoruba guys only use empathy as a strategy to get down ladies defence system in what looks like she was sharing a personal experience.

According to her, if a lady tells a Yoruba guy how she was hurt from a previous relationship, he’ll only prove to her that the former guy was a learner.

See his tweet:

Lol. Tell a Yoruba guy how you were hurt before, he’ll only prove to you that the former guy was a learner. Their empathy is only a strategy to get down your defences, trust me. Their scum is so professional, you just have to stan. Ayomide, iwo nimonn ba soro.

See her tweet below: