”This School Called Madonna Should Be Shut Down” – Nigerians React After Varsity Locked Up Lecturer, Students

''This School Called Madonna Should Be Shut Down'' - Nigerians React After School Lock Up Lecturer And Students For 5 Months Over A Facebook Post
Some of the locked up students

Following the now-viral news that the management of Madonna University locked up five students and a lecturer over a Facebook post, Nigerians have taken to their Twitter pages to react against the inhumanity.

Nigerians while reacting have thrown mud at the citadel of learning with some calling for the shut down of the school.

Read what Nigerians are saying:

Madonna University is not the only private institution in Nigeria. Nothing like this has been heard from any institution of higher learning in Nigeria #FreeMadonna7Now

— high chief (@Prodigalangelo) July 4, 2019


Madonna University is still a glorified secondary School.
You will never see a graduate of Madonna University talk good about his or her alma mata. Sad.
In case you don’t know, the institution locked 6 students and a lecturer up since February for their opinion on Facebook.😭😭😭

— Artist extraordinaire (@AlphabetPrize) July 4, 2019


This still remains a rude shock to sane minds, that elements within our society would do this to fellow human beings because of a harmless post. Madonna University is walking on the path to infamy. This is impunity cloaked in clergy’s robe. #FreeMadonna7Now 😡 pic.twitter.com/9vxF6shxkA

— SEGA L’éveilleur®🚨 (@segalink) July 3, 2019


That skol called Madonna University should be shut down, cause they are not what it looks like… smh

— Uncle Chux (@dekenray) July 4, 2019



  1. The fault is with the Nigeria University Commission that have allowed the Private (especially faith based) to operate outside and above the laws of the country.

  2. Them no de force anybody to enroll or even get job na. u have always known it’s a glorified secondary school so why did u go there? them no force u na. Na only u Waka go

  3. I don’t think the priest who is the head is born again, so he could not forgive n forget about what they did, pls that school is not a good place for Nigeria youth.

  4. The high fees and under staffing with very little infrastructures and equipments for learning coupled with the inhuman treatment meted on the students and staff, is a serious issue that need to be addressed urgently. Is it the corruption of the owner of constantly bribing NUC team that comes for accreditation? Or the massive sorting by students to lecturers to pass at all cost? Or the high incidence of cultism, drugs and sexual misdemeanor among the students? The school is just a time bomb ticking to go off momentarily.

  5. Nigerians should wake up and fight for this evil deed, if they don’t many will still join. People are been punished for saying the truth, they are Nelson Mandela of that school.
    God please assist your people

  6. My fear is this that i have not been able to hear from one of my friends in the school for months now each time i try to call her numbers it’s switched off i hope she has not been victimized.

  7. This is not just happening,the school is just like it’s sister polytechnic: OSISATECH where, students fetch water from the river and hostels were not even plastered. I think Nigerians should call for the heads of the NUC officials who accredited the school. we should post until it gets to the right channel,enough of impunity. I can go on about the poly


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