Tonto Dikeh’s Former Friend, Blessing Osom, Receives N3m Birthday Gift From Churchill

Blessing Osom, Olakunle Churchill and Tonto Dikeh
Blessing Osom, Olakunle Churchill and Tonto Dikeh

Blessing Osom, an ex-friend of Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has taken to social media to thank Tonto’s ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill, after she received a N3m birthday gift from him.

Blessing wrote:

Chai somebody wake me up. Like seriously, 3m Naira Birthday gift????? Swipe  And you didn’t call at all to tell me???? Kai Bros am so so grateful. Just saw the Alert, God in heaven will bless you, May God Bless you for me, you’re truly a good man. The world is yet to know how good your heart i. Am grateful. Thank you, Guys pls Tag this good man and thank him for me. no matter the negative things people say about you, God keeps Raising you higher.

‘He stopped Tiwa Savage and Timaya from remixing Lalakukula, still at a loss as to why this was done,’ Oladips stated as he casusally changed the TV chanel to another station as we sat down for an interview at a recording studio in Ogudu. Rapper Oladips joined Reminsice’s Les Roses Rouge Records at the age of 20 in 2015 for a 5 years contract. 3 years and 3 months crawling his way to being the label’s flagship artist  with no studio album, EP, LP, safe for 10 singles and 5 videos, the rapper found his way out of the label. On May 28, 2019, Oladips asked to be let out of his contract with Reminisce due to breach of contract, amongst many other issues. His official exit from the label was followed by the release of a single titled ‘Maybe’ where 3 years of frustration boiled over with Oladips implying that signing the deal was ‘Maybe’ the biggest mistake he could have made in his life. ‘ ‘I was a young promising Dips before I signed to label, same reason why I had to leave the label…maybe I shouldn’t have signed in the first place, now I feel like choking myself with my necklace. The day that I signed, I wish there was an eclipse, I would have stayed in my house and watched my Netflix.’ With this genre of music comes the perceived virtue of loyalty the artistes in it are meant to breathe and live, Oladips’s estrangement from the label may be a sign that beyond the ostentatiousness and millions of Naira valuation, LRR’s many allegations and compromised relationships are finally catching up to it. Trials and Tribulations Oladips’ fraustrated outburst is one in the proverbial million of grievances LRR/Edge records have at one point or the other in time, had to deal with. In 2016, Ibrahim Okulaja, a former manager and business partner to Reminsce, parted ways with the rapper and record label owner after many years together. According to Ibrahim, he was sacked by Reminisce a few hours before the release of El Hadj, Reminisce’s 4th album which according to research and interviews during the prepping of this article lacked a couple of names in the credit section, another issue that as brought up a couple of times while prepping. Ibrahim in his interview with journalist Lukmon Akintola of Daily Independent Newspaper stated that he was fired due to Reminisce no longer being comfortable with him adding that the LRR boss is ‘manipulative.’ the real reason why I was sacked is because he is no longer comfortable with me. The reason is simple, he is manipulative and I will never allow that regardless of the situation. On when things started getting bad between them, Ibrahim revealed it was after the LRR boss signed Oladips and SoJay. We’ve come a long way indeed and things were fine before he got his stardom status. Things got really worse when he started his LRR Record label and signed Sojay and Oladips. I’m always of the opinion that business is business; you don’t mix emotions just because you’re the boss. There’s a contract and it should be honored. Ibrahim spoke further on the issue saying; Sojay, an artist on his label has had two termination and one eviction letter within the space of six months just because the boss is angry about something that has nothing to do with the obligations of Sojay as an artist of LRR. The issues we are talking about here are basically emotional stuffs. My termination of contract came just three days after he evicted Sojay out of the house. He evicted Sojay out of the house on Thursday, August 18th, simply because the boss was angry. He forcefully evicted Sojay the same day he gave him his eviction letter, an issue which I disagreed with. There is a contract between the artist and the company and even if you need to evict someone, you should give few days for him to move out but he wouldn’t do that. Reminisce chased and packed Sojay’s bags outside just because of an unconfirmed speculation that Sojay was having an affair with his 26year old niece. Reminisce during this period remained silent on the issue, steering clear of any situation that would have him speak on the issue. The end of this relationship birthed more tribulations for LRR as not long after the exit of Ibrahim, Sojay SOJAY Dusting himself off his time with Trybe Records owned by ace former rapper elDee, SoJay signed a record deal with Reminisce’s Les Roses Rouges records then went on to release a handful of songs and an EP before making an exit. My interview with the vocal powerhouse back in 2018, saw him confirming he has exited the label but declined to speak more on the reason behind his exit claiming this is due to some contractual agreement. ‘Sorry, Tope, I’d like to concentrate on non-record label related stuff due to a contractual agreement.’ Upon the departure of SoJay came the signing of two other young acts Akeem Adisa and Yovi who whose eal with the label was more of a joint venture and the label continued operation with 3 artistes now signed under it until Oladips’ surprise exit from the label. Oladips’s Tale On June 10th, I got a call from someone who prefers to remain anonymous, who told me Oladips had left his label. So I picked up my phone and put a call through to Oladips and he confirmed the news saying he left in May but will soon make it public knowledge, hence ‘Maybe.’ We agreed to a meeting for July 5th at a studio on the mainland. Upon my arrival, a young man wa sent to pick me up from the location I had been directed to. In no time, I met with Oladips and the meeting started. In his usual calm self, he took a seat just opposite where I sat and we got down to discuss in details what led to his exit. What broke the camel’s back ‘Well there were a couple of issues that cropped up during my time with him, I mean, issues do come up every now and then with artsites and labels and I simply ignore most until, I decided it was about time to stop allowing loyalty ruin everything I have over the years worked for. The rapper then took a seat opposite me, fumbled with his phone for a bit then continued. ‘I lost my house due to the label being unable to pay the rent. I was in that house for 5 months without paying anything. The caretaker would curse me out, say he go put me for Instablog if I no pay. When was this? Last year Did you talk to Reminsice about this. Yes. I actually pleaded with him to help sort the issue as I was getting more visit from the caretaker each with even more threats. What was his response? He actually promised to have it sorted but never did until I was asked to appear before One Human Right meeting. How long were you in the house and before then, did he omit paying the rent 2 Years. Meanwhile, and it was always a struggle to pay the rent every year. Alaga actually only pays my rent when I go to shows, if I have no shows to perform at, my rent will not be paid. Asides his refusal to pay my rent, I dared not ask for my cut from any show I perform at cos I go dey reason say he go use am pay my rent. So the reason my rent was not paid was because I did not perform at any show for a long time and he can’t use his own money to pay for my rent. Even the house paid for, was beyond terrible. I was basically living with rats. (He silently laughed with his hands in hisc pockets, took a minute to reflect, shook his head and continued). I had rats in my own house. They came in from the gutters of the street. The house ws built in a way where the pipe from the bathroom was not connected to the suckaway, so the dirty water from the bathroom would attract the rats causing them to enter the house via the pipe to my house. I have never lived in such a house even when I was at my father’s place and left to enter street, I no live for that kind house at all. But you had a hit song ‘Lalakukulala, this should have easily fetched you many shows I was not paid a dime from that song, neither did I make any money from it. To tell you how big the song was, the queen herself, Tiwa Savage alongside Timaya mentioned to Alaga that they would like to remix the song, Alaga refused. We paused for a few minutes as he had to receive a couple of calls. Done with his calls, he signaled for us to continue. Did he give you a reason for this? He Said He Wants The Song To Just Fade Like That. Alaga knows just how huge the song is. In my termination letter, it was even stated there that I must not touch any of the songs I released while under the label, (at this point Oladips smiled, took a sip of the bottle of Pepsi) I am sure they are talking about “Lalakukulala. He is probably scared I might actually approach a Zlatan Ibile amongst others for a remix to the song. For someone who knew just how big the song was, I mean we got top acts ready to do a remix, he Claims. We Didn’t Use Lalakukulala To Do NOTHING Whatsoever How often were you performing at shows? According to what I was told, so many people called for my services at their events but the money they were was too Small. I Mean I Just Blow Now I Suppose Start From Somewhere. And Besides You Didnt Package Me Like An Artiste That’s Worth Millions How much were they offering 200/300 and I think the label was charging them 800/500. I Didn’t perform at a lot of show due to this, I sat in my as my Song Dey Blow For Street. Reason so many people actually know that Song Lalakukulala But They do not know the act behind it. So you are saying you were not paid while with the label? I was paid some money the first year but after that, nothing. I was always broke, so broke it was difficult taking care of myself. After the first year, every form of payment stopped. How much did you make the first year? Nothing major. Nah 70/30 Deal Alaga Gets 70%, I Get 30. Even If Nah 20k Dem Pay For OlaDips. He Wont Say Ola you can take this one, he does not joke with the smallest of his money. I remember one time, we were paid 50k, I think for a club appearance or something. He removed his 70 percent still. Then He graduated to taking my own show Money. There were shows I got fby myself but would still tell the organizers to pay the money into the company’s account. Not a dime would be given to me afterwards. There was a time I did twp shows in a ciuty, Ilorin, I got nothing from that show as well. Cotonou, Ekiti, to mention a few. Did you ever talk to him about all of this when the payment stopped coming in Nope, I Didn’t Did you talk to the label about the price they were demanding from potential clients? Honestly, I had no say in that. Alaga would always tell you he is a smart person and no one can be as smart as he is. Was there a time you complained about how things were moving in career Yes I did a couple of times. I sent some message and all I got in return sometime was ‘ Awww Ehyaaa, I Promise I Will Fix It.’ But He Never Fixed Nothing. I mean all through the 3years and a few months spent there, I had no albums, EP, safe for a few singles 10 in total and 5 videos. How many albums were agreed on in your contract 3 Albums. 5 Years. The songs released got no major poromo despite the promise of making sure my music is heard everywhere and my career is taken to the top. Soundcity hardly played my videos. Trace Has Never Played My Video. Where you allocated a manager upon signing your contract? At this point, he again excused himself to receive a call during . I had no Manager For More Than 2 Years. There was a time he told me, we do not need anyone that both of use can run our alone.. He Said “Just Me And You Okay”? However, at a point, Ibrahim managed me then Oyin Ameen before he resigned. Was there ever a time you decided to handle things on your own seeing that the label was not forthcoming on their promise? Yes the song AFRICAN Beauty, I paid the producer, studio engineer and everyone involved in the production of the record.I also paid for the video shoot in London. I Despite all of this, Alaga was on a low angry, I decided to do all of this. How so? After I took the video to a couple of stations, they began playing almost immediately but for Hip TV. The guy in charge told me not to worry that he needed to talk to Alaga to discuss somethings. I went home and ddlievered the guy’s message to Alaga then pleaded that he should help talk to the guy. He agreed and asked that I send the guy’s number. I sent that number three time. Three times? Yes, because Alaga never stores people’s numbers. He only gets your number to call when he needs your help, once you do the help, he deletes your number according to him everyone is Oloriburuku You were in the UK a few months ago, who paid for the trip and did you make anything from the trip? Yes Alaga was meant to headline Senator’s show in the UK the organizers arranged the visas and I got the slot of his manager. Before leaving, he informed me that Billyque and Kogbagidi (the promoters) hav been told to give me all the money made but that never happened. He took all the money. It Was Not As If We Innitially Planned “Lalakukulala UK Tour” But ALAGA Paid For My Ticked Intentionally Punished Me Emotionally. How did he punish you? UK Gave Us 1 Month Each And ALAGA Travelled And Didnt Take Me. It Was When My Visa Remain 8 Days Alaga Bought Ticket. And I Spent 4 Days In UK so That’s Why We Just Change Am To Lalakukulala UK Tour. So He Asked Them BillQue And Kogbagidi To Take Charge Atleast He Made His Ticket Money Back Times Three Cos Heard I Made More Than 1m. Who told you how much you made? It’s Even In The Termination Contract I Signed Maybe 1.2 Million Or So Did your lawyer read through your contract before you signed in 2015 and 2019 when you opted out? She Did 2015. But I Didn’t Tell Nobody When I Was Leaving. I Asked Her Recently She Said She Still Has The Email Of The Contract I Sent Her To Read Why did you not tell her you were leaving? All I wanted was just leave and start all over. I did not care for anything asides that. (At this time, he had his head in his hands, slightly bent towards his knees for a couple of seconds befoe sitting up straight again) Alaga made me feel worthless, like I am talentless and he was only doing me a favour. How So? There were times I would record new songs and send to him. He will not say a word afterwards. He was never happy with my songs even if people around him are going crazy about the song. There were times I would record on his beat so he would probably feature him, but nothing. Sometimes he would have even agreed that he would feature me but the minute any body start they talk my own verse, he will ask his sound engineer to remove my part. Your music changed a lot in the last 3 years as your rap style was really dumbed down to the point of mediocrity, what led to this change and do you regret this? Because I did not know what to do anymore. I wanted so much for Alaga to like my songs, compliment me, I Was “Alaga Conscious” Like “Would Alaga Like This Song” Because This Guy Hardly Say He Likes My Song. So I Started Feeling Like What Am I Doing Wrong, So I Started Making Music That “Alaga Would Like” He Fucked Up My Creativity, My Free Will. He Made Me Doubt Myself Too Much. My Creativity Was Restricted. I Just Wanted To Impress Him As The CEO. Forgetting That I Had My Own Sound. My Own Followers. He Would Now Say I’m Just Doing You A Favour I Don’t Expect Nothing From You. But When They Pay For Show You Will Collect The Whole Money, And Spend It, How Tf Are You Helping Me Exactly? I Told Him Once That I Wanted To Release An E.p Cos I Had Too Many Songs Recorded. I Even Had A Title Already “DIPSCIPLES E.P” I Still Have The Folder On My Laptop And The Selected Songs. But He Never Said Nothing Till Date. He Sounded Like He Wasn’t Interested Instead He Said Would Do An LRR E.P So you did not pursue the discussion? If You Know Alaga Very Well. You Would Know Your Opinion Dont Matter. He Always Say Nobody Is As Smart As He Is. That He Is The Smartest Human. Has Never Admitted That He Messed Up Before. Always Cursing People That Everyone Is Unfortunate Was an LRR E.P recorded? He Was Just Looking For An Excuse. So I Would Forget My Own Project. I Knew He Had No Plan For That Yet, you didnt pursue your album discussion? Because If I Stress Him Too Much, Sometimes He Would Be Like “It’s Only Naijaloaded” That Will Post Your Song Last Last, And Your People In Abule Egba. Will Be The Only That Will Listen To It. And You Can Tell Naijaloaded To Shoot Videos For You Aswell. He would then say, ‘But as For Me, Lets Take Time And Plan Well!!! He shoots a video and you start hearing of howbhe struggled so hard to raise the money that I should be Worshiping Him for that? So why did you stay for so long? Because I Actually Liked Him, and as a Yoruba man either or not an elder is doing you a favour or not, he is still an elder and can get away with many things. Plus I Was Loyal To The Core. Even he can testify to theat. When I told him I wanted to leave, he said that I had even tried, that he never believed I would Spend The entire 5 Years I signed. He added that it was even Ibrahim who convinced him to make it 5 years. Do you think you did something to make him change towards you, because I want to believe things were not always this way? Well It Was Never About Me, Because He Always Say To Me That I’m A Very Loyal Kid! Say People Done Hurt am A lot That He Doesnt Trust Anyone Again So he knew what he was doing was not right?