Top 10 Take away from the Digital Depression Clinic

Digital Depression Clinic

With the worrisome rise in the rate of suicide in the country, it’s no wonder that mental health organisations and practitioners have taken it upon ourselves to address this epidemic of suicide. We recently organized the Digital Depression Clinic to raise awareness and education about Suicide which was also backed by some Popular Online influencers such as Ogbeni Dipo, Omojuwa, Pamilerin and more. They also shared their opinions and support for the cause of mental health awareness. Just in case you missed the program, we have compiled some very useful points raised by our anchors of the program, Dr Ralph Emeka and Dr Toluse Francis for you from the programme.

Digital Depression Clinic Digital Depression Clinic

  • Depression is very treatable yet many people suffer from it without getting the help needed
  • The first key point indicators for depression include Sadness, loss of interest and loss of energy
  • Depression is NOT normal sadness which we all can experience for a few days when something is not going on well in our lives, know the difference
  • Depression and mental health is the real cause of suicide and not the consumption of pesticides. Restrictions of Dichlorvos is not an effective solution to suicide
  • Children can have depression too, surprised? Yes, but it’s a fact
  • Avoid making a depressed person feel they are lazy, or they should be able to snap out of it, or they are weak. Such attitudes damage their desire to seek help
  • Learn to mean it when you say “How are you?” to a depressed person, Not just as a routine greeting. Especially when you suspect someone may be facing challenges. Truly mean it
  • When trying to talk to someone who is depressed do not share your own story unless it has a positive end that can instil hope and strengthen them. Otherwise, you worsen their despair and they might not let you know 
  • Music is a good healing tool for getting out of depression, not depressing songs but songs that can lift your mood, just check youtube.
  • Get in touch with online mental health counsellors from Mentally aware Nigeria Initiative and Surpin in case you are feeling depressed, they are more than ready to help.

This program was proudly supported by SURPIN (Suicide Research and Prevention Initiative). Feeling depressed, reach out to the SURPIN helplines for help 09080217555




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