Tunde Ednut Slams Tacha For Failing To Define Characteristics

Tunde Ednut Slams Tacha For Failing To Define Characteristics

Tunde Ednut has again come for BBNaija housemate, Tacha over Tacha’s failure to define characteristics.

Ebuka, during Sunday’s eviction show, had asked Tacha to mention the characteristics of a BBNaija winner.

See the exchange below;

Ebuka: Mention 3 characteristics of a #BBNaija winner
Tacha: Tacha, Tacha & Tacha
Ebuka: That’s not so smart.
Tacha: Everything about me is the character of a winner.
Ebuka: Which is?
Tacha: Tacha!
Ebuka: That’s not smart. I expected more.

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Reacting to this, Tunde tagged Tacha a dumb person writing;

“DUMB, DUMBEST: I told you guys from the onset that this girl should not and she will not win.

“How can Big Brother make this type of unintelligent NGBEKE the face of Big Brother? Simple question…..

“What are the characteristics of being a winner? She no fit answer, then how are you going to win when you don’t know your purpose in there? Ebuka is my guy and will continue to be my guy.

“This question has spoilt so many things for this NGBEKE that doesn’t know why she’s in the house in the first place. She thinks the game is being played by insulting, showing breast nipple without having small brain. BULL poo!!!

“Big Brother never did a good background check before selecting. They are just letting her in the house to make things interesting, BUT WILL NEVER WIN.

“She’s a definition of ignorance sprinkled with arrogance. @Ebuka, na man you be. God punish anybody wey go insult me under this comment. God punish you in advance. Oya comment section is opened. #Olodo #Oscombo #Akunakuna.


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