Two Dead After Planes Collide Mid-Air In France

2 Dead As Plane Collide Mid Air
Crash scene

Two people have lost their lives following a plane crash.

According to reports, 2 British men died in the crash and one person left injured after two planes collided mid-air and crashed over the South of France.

The accident reportedly happened around 12.45pm today July 24th over the high mountain Maddalena Pass, on the Alpine border with Italy.

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A source said: “There were two British citizens on board, one aged 18 and the other 37. The pilot of the second aircraft was also British and managed to land nearby, and is still alive.”

The surviving pilot is said to be “in good health, and not badly injured at all”

Both planes took off from the Barcelonnette / Saint-Pons aerodrome nearby.

An official statement about the crash read thus;

“Today, Wednesday, July 24, 2019, two recreational aircraft registered in England that took off from the airfield of Saint-Pons crashed in the valley near Larche, at a place called Pre-la-Font, at south of the head of Viraysse, with one person onboard the first aircraft and two people on board the second.

“The pilot of the first plane is slightly injured.

“The two people in the second plane died. The victims are two British men, aged 18 and 37 years old.

“The resources of the SDIS and the PGHM are mobilized, including a helicopter from the gendarmerie, 3 ambulances, 1 road rescue vehicle, 1 doctor-nurse vehicle, 1 command vehicle, 4 gendarmes, and 22 firefighters.

“The services of the prefecture remain fully mobilized on the consequences of the intervention.”


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