US Financial Aid To Israel

Since the country of Israel declared its independence in 1948, the United States of America has been a strong supporter and continues to cultivate a productive relationship with the state. Thus, it is not surprising that America has offered a lot of financial aid to Israel, especially during the early years of its existence. 

Israel remains the largest recipient of the US foreign aid. Overall, $134,7 billion has been provided to Israel by the United States of America. Even though some administrations did not always approve of such aid to Israel, America has remained an alley to the country and continues to provide support for Israel which, in its turn, helps to reinforce social, political and economic ties. The topic of politics for student is quite common as they often get tasks dealing with such issue. Studying the relationship between Israel and the United States of America is rather common if you are going to major in history, economy or finance. What is more, your college or university may also have an introductory finance course during which you will be covering the subject of US foreign aid. 

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Speaking about various types of financial aid the United States of America has provided to Israel over the years, one of the most significant programs to mention is the US Bilateral Military Aid. Under this program, $26.7 billion has been given to the country which has helped it reach its economic stability faster than expected. Another important program to specify is the Migration & Refugee Assistance. Under this program, Israel receives grants, as well as financial support to resettle migrants within the country. Apart from that, lots of programs were launched to help Israel develop its scientific research, as well as stimulate its industrial sector. The IT sector got a huge boost as well. 

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