When Other Criminals Strike, Fulani Herdsmen Take The Blame – Adesina


Femi Adesina
Femi Adesina

Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari, Femi Adesina says it is stereotyping to tag all criminal activities taking place in the country to Fulani herdsmen.

The presidential spokesperson said this in an interview with an online news platform earlier.

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‘Even when other criminals strike, it is Fulani herdsmen. It is stereotyping. It is finger-pointing which is not based on facts. I am not saying that there are no challenges about Fulani herdsmen due to climate change, dwindling resources and things like that. Yes, we have those challenges. But it is not every criminality perpetrated in the country that is done by the Fulanis’, Adesina said.

“We have always lived with Fulani herdsmen in this country. They drive their cattle from different parts. When the rains are here, you see them. They move southwest and they get forage for their cattle and all that. And when the rains go and the water recedes, you find them following the water as it recedes. In the process, they drive their herds into farmlands and it becomes an issue. There was a way that the problem was settled in this country before.”

“The problem was there in the first republic, even in the second republic. But it was not as bad as we have it now because climate change has affected vegetation and the water table. Lake Chad, for instance, is ten per cent of its former size. That has seriously affected grazing and availability of resources because the herdsmen follow the water. They follow where there is green grass to feed their animals, ” he added.


  1. it’s worrisome d level politicians place material personal interest above human life.it will b ilogical and senseless if anybody still defend this people base on tribe or religion.is Tinubu and Femi Adeshina not a Yoruba man,is there response to recent killing in Yoruba land not disturbing? Nigeria is cursed by this people’s existence