Whether Critics Like It Or Not, New Emirates Have Come To Stay – Ganduje

Governor of Kano state, Umar Ganduje

Kano State Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, on Tuesday, said that the new additional four Emirate Councils have come to stay.

The governor said this when he was paid a visit by the Emir of Rano, Alhaji Tafida Abubakar (Autan Bawo), alongside elders and leaders from the emirate.

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Ganduje had faced harsh criticisms from various quarters when he created Bichi, Rano, Karaye and Gaya Emirates from the then Kano Emirate. They accused him of trying to erode history.

He said: “I am more Fulani than many of them. Some do not even have any trace to Fulani clan.”

He added that “such individuals, who do not see good in what we did by the creation of more emirates, are mere noisemakers”.

“None of them can tell me he is more Fulani than I am. My grand grandfathers from both paternal and maternal side were all Fulani. So, also my grand grandmothers from both sides are all Fulani. Who among such people is more Fulani than me?” the governor queried.

According to Ganduje, it was still incomprehensible for him, when such people he was referring to, blamed him of crushing to nothing the traditional institution.

He said: “I am a son of a village head (Dagaci). How then can I, just for whatever reason, be a party to render this all-important institution down?

“I challenge such individuals to tell us of what benefit are they to Kano and citizens of Kano?”

“Whether they like it or not, these new emirates have come to stay,” he added.

“I am challenging him (Kwankwaso) to show us a single project he completed that he inherited from Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau administration.

“Ours is not like theirs at all. We believe in moving the state forward. That is why sometimes we don’t even look at the ill-intention of starting a project that, ab initio, was not meant to be completed. Our focus is our people,” he said.


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