5 Profound Lessons I Learnt During My Recovery: Djinee


Nigerian singer, Djinee, has shared that his near-death ghastly motor accident experience left him with 5 profound life lessons.

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The singer made this known via his Twitter handle on Tuesday, August 27th.

As highlighted by the singer below:

Of course, that accident left lasting effects on my physical and mental state but the lessons learnt have been profound. 1. Money and career mean nothing when you are fighting for life.

2. Love is everything. If you don’t have people that genuinely and unconditionally love you, you are poorer than poor. Not people who “love” you for your achievements, money, status, etc. Because on those days you feel so alone. Loneliness and despair kill!

3. Nigeria is a failed state. You need to visit the general hospitals to know this. The political elite WILL NEVER want to be treated in these places of death. You don’t have to stab or shoot someone to kill them.

Siphoning money meant for health infrastructure is as good as pulling the trigger on millions of hopeless patients. 4. God exists!

5. Fitness is everything and more.

See his tweet below: