69-Year-Old Pensioner Shoots Bully Dead During School Reunion

Thanapat Anakesri
Thanapat Anakesri

The police in Thailand are currently searching for a man who took revenge on another man who bullied him when they were both students over 50 years ago.

The man Thanapat Anakesri, 69, a pensioner, shot dead Suthat Kosayamat, 69, during their school reunion.

According to Anakesri,  Suthat bullied him when they were both 16.

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Reports have it that the men had attended the reunion on Saturday afternoon in Thailand.

Just as they had sat down to enjoy wine, a buffet of Thai food and ice cream, Anakesri, a former navy officer confronted his former tormentor and accused him of bullying him decades ago.

Suthat, a tailor said he could not remember bullying him. Anakesri, then went on to demand an apology which Suthat refused to tender, causing the former to pull out a handgun with which he allegedly shot his former classmate who was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Tuean Klakang, 69, who organised the event, told police that the killer had complained in the past about being bullied by the deceased but he never believed it was a serious issue.

Tuean told local media: “Thanapat would get drunk then often talk about how angry he was about being bullied by Suthat. He never forgot about it. But as these things happened such a long time ago, I would never have imagined that he would have killed his friend like this. We are all shocked by it.”