Angry Side Chick Burns Down Lover’s House For Not Giving Her Sex As Agreed

Taija Russell
The suspect, Taija Russell

The New Jersy police authority has arrested a woman named Tajia Russell for allegedly burning down a man’s house because he didn’t give her sex as agreed.

Narrating his side of the story, the man shared that he invited the lady whom he addressed as his side chick home only to wake up around 4: am in the morning to discover that the whole house was covered in smoke and had to escape by removing a window frame.

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The police accused the suspect of sending a series of angry text at the man with some threatening to kill the man.

Some of the messages below:

“You wasted my money to come out here,” “U smoked,” “I see you wanna die,” and “I swear to god I hope you die.”
Also, CCTV footage captured Russell buying matches and lighter fluid from a gas station close to the burnt house.