Big Brother Brings Out A Whole New Nomination Process

Big Brother decided to give the housemates a different nomination process from the usual diary session.

The drums
The drums

This time, there were two drums covered with a black cloth with a cardboard carrying the numbers 1 and 2.

The new head of house, Seyi was tasked to discuss with the housemates which drum each gender will pick.

Seyi, however, is immune for nomination this week, courtesy of the HoH privileges.

Green and red armbands were filled in the drum in which each housemates will pick one without looking into it unless they will be heavily sanctioned.

The process was done in an alphabetical order starting with Elozonam and Cindy.

After making their selection, each housemates were to stand in a line according to the colour they picked.

Surprisingly, Seyi was called to pick an armband.

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The housemates were then told to create a team name.

The green team chose cruise-topia.

The red team chose the icons.

The members of the house will now play all the Big Brother games in their selected teams.

The winning team will be awarded while the losing team will all be put up for possible evictions and same goes for the food supplies.

There are no nominations for this week as well as any pending eviction.





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