Christians Should Never Waste Money And Time On Burials: Reno Omokri

Pastor-politician and former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has advised Christians wasting money on burials to stop it as it is not a Christian custom.

“Read The Scriptures. Christ was buried the SAME DAY He died. Are your parents more Christian than Christ? So how come you put them in mortuaries for days/weeks/months so you can gather big crowds and spend millions on a so-called ‘Christian’ burial?” he wrote on his Twiter page.

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His position was reiterated after he was criticized for saying that a Christian burial should be shorn of ostentatious spending and should occur the same day the deceased die.

He further added that the practice is not a Christian custom.

The controversial commentator also claimed that his journey into the study of pre-European Christianity has made him realize the belief that “Jesus is God” is a European concept.


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