Coca-Cola Sparks Outrage As New Advert Feature Gay Couples Kissing

Coca Cola
Coca Cola Gay Campaign

Coca-Cola has launched a ‘love is love’ campaign in Hungary that include images of same-sex couples kissing and holding bottles of Coke.

The new ad has sparked outrage among Hungarian politicians and conservative activists but the company has no plans to backpedal.

The company faces backlash from Hungarian politicians and conservative activists. But Coca-Cola has no plans to backtrack.

According to reports, politicians from Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party and conservative media outlets have called for boycotting Coke (KO) products or banning the company’s “Love is Love” ad series.

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How the company maintains that “The Coca-Cola Company strives for diversity, inclusion and equality in our business, and we support these rights in society as well.”

A company spokesperson said in a statement that “As a long-standing supporter of the LGBTQI community, we believe everyone has the right to love the person they choose. The campaign currently running in Hungary reflects these values.”