Dead Body Of Kenyan Ofiicer Exhumed To Retrieve Uniform

Dead Body Of A Kenyan Ofiicer Exhumed To Retrieve Uniform

The body of one Martin Shikuku Alukoye buried in his full Kakamega County Youth Service uniform, has been exhumed by Kenyan officials in the western region of the country reportedly just so they could retrieve his uniform.

According to Mr Alukoye’s uncle, the officials violated “the laws of the land and the laws of our forefathers”.

“We had fully involved the county government in the burial arrangements and they never resisted our proposal to bury [him] in his work regalia,” Francis Mutamba said, according to the Daily Nation newspaper.”

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Daniel Namayi, the assistant chief of the Ituti area speaking on the issue said;

“Once a body has been buried, it requires anyone with a complaint to get a court order in order to exhume it. The county administrators have gone against the law in recovering [the] clothing,” he told the Daily Nation.

Reports have surfaced that Alukoye was reburied in new clothes this week after rituals were performed to cleanse the family.