‘Fans Make Celebrities Lead Fake Lives’ – Kcee

Singer, Kcee
Singer, Kcee

Nigerian singer Kcee is of the opinion that fans are to be blamed for the fake lifestyle many celebrities of in the Nigerian entertainment industry are living.

The singer and label boss stated people put these celebrities under pressure and never like it when one is being real.  Kcee added that the fans prefer it when celebrities lie to them hence the fake lifestyle.

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Kcee went on to state that if celebrities are honest with their fans, it will affect their record sakes hence the reason 80 percent of celebrities rent houses and claim they bought it.

The singer went on to admit that he at some point in his 19-year music career faked it adding that he faked it as there is a perception one needs to sell to fans. Kcee continued saying he is telling his truth now because he has gone past that stage in his life and that he is now successful.

The Okpekete crooner also revealed that there was a time he had a Hummer jeep while his then partner, Presh, had his own and they would go to different clubs and use all their money to buy champagnes with them having to throw he drink away and then retire back home to eat noddles.

Kcee revealed that they did this just to impress people so they could be seen as the most expensive artistes.

Not stopping there the singer also revealed that he would lie to people he stayed in Ikeja when in fact his house was in Ajegumle and not long after he had nothing until his hit record Limpopo brought him back up.


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