Fans React As Jamie And Nikki Announce Separation After 6 Years Of Dating

Jamie And Nikki
Jamie And Nikki

Social media users are sure not handling the thoughts that popular YouTube couple Jamie and Nikki  sepearting after weeks of going off on social media.

The couple who tied the knot in 2013 and have two daughters have since announced their breakup via their social media pages.

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Twitter users have since taken to the platform to show just how much they are hurt by the couple’s separation.

One Twitter user wrote;

When you read separation so that might mean we have a little of 10% left of hope for Jamie & Nikki staying together. #JAMIEANDNIKKI

Another tweeted;

Ok I know I shouldn’t get so invested in internet couples lives but Jamie and Nikki‘s separation has hit me hard

Read more comments below;


Jamie and Nikki fucking broke up.

— Bitch Specialist (@estinebee) August 19, 2019

so Jamie and Nikki are officially over?

— dre🦎 (@andrayaa1) August 19, 2019

Not Jamie and Nikki…not that ONE

— Arya Martin Luther King Stark (@AllisonFraudner) August 19, 2019

That’s it. We got the confirmation that Jamie and Nikki separated. Whew I need a moment

— jaz (@candypattons) August 19, 2019

I started watching Jamie and Nikki since their engagement video and now they’ve separated! I usually don’t care when YouTube couples separate but for some reason this hit me hard yo. I have no words 😭

— Maria 🇰🇪 (@mariaruphina) August 19, 2019

jamie and nikki broke up, love is a LIE

— hayat (@hayatelseedd) August 19, 2019

Me after hearing Jamie and Nikki confirmed their separation 🥺

— adanna (@cynthiaewulonu) August 20, 2019

The only youtube couple that I watch, Jamie and Nikki, has separated wow

— becky the hot girl (@beckyyriley) August 19, 2019

Ah crap 😭 craaaaaaaaaaaappppp. Does love even exist anymore in this world? Uh? Crap crap crap #jamieandnikki

— Openipawa 🌺 (@JustinaOctober) August 19, 2019

no i’m not crying about nikki and jamie getting a divorce, you are :(

— tee (@IittIehentai) August 19, 2019


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