Father Slits Daughter’s Throat In Adamawa

Saidu Dan Iya

A young girl, 8, is currently fighting for her life at a hospital in the Adamawa State capital, Yola after her father slit her throat with a kitchen knife, saying he just felt like doing so.

Saidu Dan Iya, the girl’s father, who may be suffering psychologically due to prolonged drug abuse, when he was asked by neighbours why he slit his child’s throat, said that “he just felt like doing it.”

The man’s neighbour had broken the story on social media saying that they rushed a girl to the hospital and they were having difficulty in getting a doctor to attend to her.

According to reports, Dan Iya had taken to drug abuse in 2018, which led to his mental imbalance.

“His wife became really worried when the man began to threaten that he would slaughter members of the family one by one,” one of the neighbours said.

According to Maryam Umar, his wife, Fadimatu, took all the kitchen knives away and no one knows where he got the knife with which he used to slit the throat of his daughter.

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However, doctors say the girl has a 50% survival chance, though the wound has been cleaned.

Zarau Saidu, Elkannah Patrick doctors who attended to the victim said,  they need to source the right tool for a more comprehensive surgery.

“We cannot determine yet if there is an infection, we hope there is none because the infection will seriously imperil her chances of survival,” he said.

The Head of Clinical Services of the FMC, Yola, Yerima Suleiman Yusuf, said the hospital would treat Zarau free of charge.

He said, “We have a Paupers’ Fund from which we will treat this patient because we realize that the mother is not ready and the father is a psychiatric case.”

Dan Iya is, however, cooling off his feet in at the Adamawa police command.

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