Georgina Onuoha Rains Curses On Nigerians Supporting Donald Trump

Former Nollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha has taken a swipe at President Donald Trump‘s supporters while reacting to a photo of a black man being tied up with rope and dragged through the streets by two white policemen.

This is the mindset of a typical frustrated jobless Nigerian youth. @xoxomystery123 , @xoxomystery124 I can see you are really pained by my oped regarding trolls like you with mob mentality trolling people you wish to become. I was actually addressing trolls like you who know people more than they know themselves and you have proven my point. My darling, ps: I grew up in Badagry contrary to your fallacies that I grew up in Ajegunle. My father a drunk? apparently you know my dad more than me, my family and friends. Unfortunately for mobs like you, my dad is the most honorable retired Army officer you will ever meet.Those who have or had the privilege to have encountered him will tell you what a power house he is, filled with knowledge and integrity . Me; Actress turn health information specialist . I’m always proud of me. Are you proud of you? . My ex, oh yeah doesn’t practice in California anymore , but you know what? He is giving his best services to humanity with doctors without boarders. And who are you darling? I will love to know you . I can see you are faceless. Sorry about that. I implore you to show your face, don’t hide behind your keyboards. I will love to know you since you know me more than me. Can you oblige me that mob? I have nothing but empathy for souls like you. Until you show me your face, I send you a tasteless kiss

The veteran actress cum US-trained Nurse described Trump supporters of Nigerian and African descent as ‘useless’, pleading with heavenly host to descend upon them.

Georgina Onuoha also prayed for the inhumane act perpetrated by the white policemen to be done on Trump supporters and their unborn generation.

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She wrote;

This is not 1700 or 1800 or some Rosewood Hollywood movie, this is now in Texas a black man tied up with rope and dragged through the streets by two white policemen. If you as a human being let alone as a person of color is not disgusted by this, I don’t know what else will.

When I see useless Nigerians and Africans support the most hateful and despicable soul called Trump because they think the economy is great or talks tough. May the heavenly host descend upon and May the same inhumane act be done upon you and your generation unborn.
When I hear useless idiots especially people of color defend a man who has insulted the whole black race, and defame people of color and use words that are only used when referring to animals “infestation” may it never be well with you.

For those who call themselves Christians and still think Donald Trump is sent by their messiah, may you continue to wallow in your stupidity till the second coming of Christ. @realdonaldtrump has awaken the scariest and darkest times in America’s history. Given white supremacist and kkk a megaphone to spew hate. Endorsed white nationalist and constantly calling out black people and Mexicans. May heaven never be kind to this man and anyone that supports him. 

This is 21 century and a black man is being tied up and dragged down the street with white cops on their horses? No you are not watching gladiators you are watching the humiliation of a human being in the most inhumane form.”

Georgina Onuoha


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