Hating Someone Who Didn’t Offend You Is Jealousy: Zahra Buhari

Zahra Buhari-Indimi, daughter of President Buhari, has shared a post on her Instagram page where she addressed unjust hatred and dislike in humans.

In her post, Zahra stated that hating someone unjustly is usually borne from a place of jealousy.

The member of the first family also advised anyone with such traits to look inward for solutions. She revealed that she has also faced unjust hatred before and revealed how she was able to handle it.

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Read her post below

“Toda,  my post is pretty random just like the previous posts. I just want to quickly address some sad issues. I hear people being shamed, isolated, hated, treated so wrongly mainly for no reason and I’ve been brainstorming what those reasons could be. And the only thing I could come up with was JEALOUSY.

You see if someone hasn’t done anything to you and all you do is criticise them, then look into yourself and critically analyse the situation and see you is in the wrong. We have other instances of compatibility.. that’s something else. When you and the person can’t flow at all. There’s nothing wrong with that, you don’t have to be mean or rude to the person. Just say your hellos if you can and let it be.

Ok, when you are being hated on or being bullied, believe it or not, it’s happened to me several times when people thought they could push me around and do what they wanted to me.. sure, you can think you can treat me the way you wish and go free but don’t forget I have the power as to how I react or respond. You(bully or hater) will not have the power to treat me the way you and also have the power to control how I respond or react. You can only choose one.

There’s no doubt that it could hurt before you get used to it.. but I have secrets and ways for you to cope with these kinds of people. But share with me what you would do if you were bullied or hated on.”