I Rejuvenate My Immune System By Sleeping With Young Girls: Popular Herbalist

The herbalist
The herbalist

Nana Bonsam, a popular Ghanaian herbalist, has revealed that the secret behind his youthful look is that he sleeps with young girls.

The herbalist explained that while sleeping with these young girls may be expensive, it is a very good way of rejuvenating one’s immune system.

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He made this known during an Interview on Kwese TV.

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His words:

“I love dating and sleeping around with young girls because it makes me happy and stronger. I am always young as compared to my age group and my secret is dating young girls. I’m not shy to tell Ghanaians that I go out with young girls.

I  don’t go to the hospital because I am strong and my immune system is strong to fight some diseases. Dating young girls has helped me a lot. Though dating young girls help a lot but, it wastes money.

If you are a young man and you need a good future then stay away from those young girls. Young girls are there for those who have enough money like me. They demand a lot and I am ready to pay to get my energy.”


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