‘If You Inherit Other People’s Enemies, You Are A Fool’ – Angela Okorie

Angela Okorie
Nigerian Actress, Angela Okorie

Nigerian actress Angela Okorie has taken to her IG page to share some nuggets on inheriting people’s enemies without hearing from both sides.

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The actress advised her followers to always hear from both sides before jumping into conclusions.

In her words:

Why inheriting other people’s
Enemies as a sign of Loyalty
What if the supposed enemy was
Actually Right,
That makes you a fool
You know why? Cos you were not aware
Of what transpired in the first place
Probably your friend telling u to inherit his or her enemy is Even guilty
Cos who you are fighting might be innocent
After all,
So u see? you are fighting a
Meaningless fight,
Cos if them settle Tomorrow,
The enemy will always see u as an enemy
Always hear from both Sides
Before u go kill urself fighting innocent people


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