Lady Steals Engagement Ring From Boyfriend; Dumps Him A Week Later

wedding ring
Wedding ring

A Twitter user @Boluxxxx has taken to the microblogging platform to share the story of how she kept an engagement ring her boyfriend bought in order to prevent him from proposing to him.

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According to the lady, they had just dated for three months and the guy was moving too fast. She added that she quietly stole the ring and joined him in looking for it before finally dumping him a week later.

See her tweet below;

“Around this time 5 years ago I found an engagement ring in my boyfriend’s wardrobe. We had just dated for 3months and man was gonna propose. I quietly moved the ring to the top of the wardrobe under the shoe box and joined him in looking for it till I broke up a week later. 😏

— Bolouere (@boluxxxx) August 7, 2019