Man Spends His Last Cash To Rescue Dying Trader In Lagos

The trader and the good samaritan
The trader and the good samaritan

A Twitter user @i_amjonesbaba has shared the story of how he assisted a dying trader to the hospital after she was deserted in Ikotun area of Lagos state.

According to the user, he had to deposit the last money on him at the hospital, and as such, drank garri with his daughter in the night.

Read what he shared below:

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“I went to get something for my daughter of 4 at the market yesterday in Ikotun. I noticed a woman selling bananas had collapsed. Nobody went near her. They just stood and looked. I went near her and noticed her eyes were lifeless.

“Her temperature was high. I had to quickly rush her to the hospital.

“The doctor says she was very sick and had to be admitted. I paid the deposit with the little on me and left her.

“I will be going back to check her today. I and my daughter drank Garri to sleep but I am happy knowing I helped a soul.

See screenshot of his post below: