Only A Jobless Leader Leaves His Country To Greet Junior Ministers: Reno Omokri Attacks Buhari

Reno Omokri, an ardent critic of President Muhammadu Buhari, has launched another verbal attack on the president over his visit to Japan.

Omokri and Buhari
Reno Omokri and Pesident Buhari

Recall that President Buhari travelled to Japan on Sunday for a conference. However, the Japanese leader is in France for the G7 summit.

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This has brought mixed reactions from Nigerians. Reno Omokri even stated that Nigeria was not invited because of the ‘chaotic governance’ of President Buhari.

Reno further attacked the president saying, that he is jobless for visiting a country whose leader is not around.

See his post below:

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Buhari Desperate To Distract Attention From G-7 Snub By Reno Omokri My attention has been drawn to a planted story by the Nigerian Presidency, claiming that my tweet that General Buhari was not invited to the G 7 Summit because of his misrule is “misleading”. I am glad they did not say I lied. They only said it is misleading. Since that is the case, let me clarify. The article claimed that African nations are invited to the G-7 on a rotational basis. This is not true. African nations are invited to the G-7 based on their economy and their governance and the RELEVANCE of both of these to the G-7. For instance, the largest economies in Africa will usually be invited, except where such economies have governance challenges arising from misrule or other anti democracies practices, such as compromised elections. Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy (due to past governments, not the Buhari junta) and should naturally be invited to represent Africa at the G-7. The claim by the Presidency’s hired guns that Nigeria was not invited due to the rotational invitation policy does not hold water. Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame was invited to the 2018 G-7 summit which held in Quebec, Canada in June of 2018. He is also invited to and is attending the ongoing G-7 summit holding in Biarritz, France. If the invitations were done rotationally, as the Presidency’s hired guns would like Nigerians to believe, Kagame would not have been invited to the G-7 back to back. Kagame was invited back to back because he is relevant to the G-7. The truth is that Nigeria was not invited to the G-7 summit because of governance and democracy challenges. For example, just a week before the summit began, Nigeria was censured for misrule by a G-7 member state. It will be recalled that on August 18, 2019, just a week before the G-7 summit in France began, the US Department of State released the 2019 Fiscal Transparency Report which classified the General Buhari led Nigerian government as “not fiscally transparent.” The timing of the release of the 2019 Fiscal Transparency Report was not coincidental. It had followed Travel and Visa Bans by the US government against Nigerian politicians th

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