Only Knowledge And Financial Independence Can Save Nigerian Youths: Burna Boy

Nigerian talented artiste, Burna Boy has shaken the table of the youths by claiming they know more about him than the origin of the country.

Burna Boy
Nigerian singer, Burna Boy

The singer, who debuted his ‘African Giant’ album, claims that his lyrics always depict how he wants to cross-over to outside Africa and educate them on where they are originally from so that they do not lose their roots.

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Talking about Nigeria, he said to the media;

“Nigeria is misunderstood by insiders. I can guarantee you that at least 90% of my people that are my age group in Nigeria, when we consider the youth, have no clue about the real origins of Nigeria. There’s so much knowledge and there’s so much truth that needs to be told. There’s so much that the youth needs to know.

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“Really and truly, right now the only thing that can save the youth is knowledge and financial independence.”


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