R.Kelly To Engage Lawyer Who Won Michael Jackson’s Child Molestation Case

American musician R. Kelly

American singer and songwriter, R. Kelly who is charged with various sex crimes in 4 different jurisdictions, Illinois State, Illinois Federal, New York Federal and Minnesota State is looking to change his legal team.

According to latest report, the singer is looking to bring in power counsel and successful criminal defense lawyers in the country like Tom Mesereau.

The singer is said to be meeting with  Mesereau in Chicago right now.

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Mesereau is the lawyer who won Michael Jackson’s child molestation in 2005, and also got Robert Blake acquitted of murdering his wife, also back in 2005.

TMZ, however, reports that Mesereau has not officially signed on, but that’s the plan. If he does, he will be the lead attorney and possibly the sole attorney representing Kelly.

The question on everyone’s lips is how R.Kelly will successfully pay his legal charges having been jailed for not paying child support.


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