Reactions Trail Killing Of Two Suspected Robbers By SARS Operatives

Sars operatives shooting the suspects
Sars operatives shooting the suspects

Following the video of men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad(SARS) killing two suspected robbers, Nigerians have taken to social media to express their anger, with many blaming the force.

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Nigerians, while reacting, pointed out that if such killing could happen in broad daylight, then one can only imagine what the operatives do at nights, in the dark.

What Nigerians are saying:

Substantial part of our police force are not mentally stable to be carrying gun. They are hooligans and criminally minded.. How can a sane man point gun at disarmed fellow and shoot him?

— O’muyiwa 🇳🇬 (@odubayo822) August 21, 2019

They’ll will do little or nothing… We’ve seen acts like this from Sars before and with all the protest nothing has been done about it till this day. It’s quite unfortunate. May the departed souls rest in peace

— Themindofaloner (@Notalonelyloner) August 21, 2019

If this can happen in broad day light, I can’t start to imagine what happens at night or behind closed doors.

Can we just stop this war already?

— Snarky Comebacks (@Comeback_snarky) August 21, 2019

Not about #EndSARS it about removing the bad EGGS from among them just am we have bad EGGS among @NigGovForumNGF w

— Solomon Osakue jnr. (@osakue_solomon) August 21, 2019