#RevolutionNow: When Nigerians Are Ready They Wouldn’t Even Need Sowore — Oby Ezekwesili

Oby Ezekwesili

Oby Ezekwesili, a former minister of education says when Nigerians are ready, neither Omoyele Sowore, publisher of Saharareporters and convener of #RevolutionNow, will have to mobilize them and be accused of ‘wanting to overthrow the government.’

Ezekwesili said this while reacting to the arrest and detention of Sowore, whom she described of been detained for calling out  a deadly incompetent government.

According to former presidential candidate, even the judiciary is part of the incompetence of the present government.

Nigeria and Nigerians shall surely survive a warped political culture that emboldens and rewards Incompetence.

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Speaking via Twitter on Monday, the former minister mentioned that the presidency should be mindful of living in a parallel to that of Nigerians as insecurity is too costly to sustain.

She tweeted: @YeleSowore is unconstitutionally and unlawfully detained for calling out the deadly incompetence.

Not even the Judiciary is spared this spread of deadly incompetence.

Here’s the thing.

This level of Incompetence is too costly and unsustainable. Let @AsoRock and its crew continue to dwell in their Parallel Universe. The Real World is where our citizens live.

@YeleSowore has raised issues that are never going away until addressed.

Let their coterie of genuflecting sycophants order more toothpicks for @NGRPresident @MBuhari to idle away in that refuse-bin defaced room of the @AsoRock .

Speaking further, she revealed that Sowore may have been detained but the #RevolutionNow an never be detained. She added that daring to overthrow mediocrity in the name of governance is one of the most patriotic thing anyone can do for their country.

What She Tweeted

The issues @YeleSowore boldly protested are true words. You may detain him but those words can never be detained. #RevolutionNow can never be detained.

It is an “Idea whose Time shall Come”. It will grow just like a mustard seed does.

For Citizens to dare to overthrow entrenched mediocrity served them as their National Value is the most Patriotic Act that Nigerians will yet achieve.

@YeleSowore said #RevolutionNow and began to publicly mobilize his fellow Citizens to Demand for a New Social Contract.

A terribly Incompetent government became instantly jittery and repressed his Constitutional freedoms.

Is this is not a sign of how Powerful Citizens are?

It is painful that @YeleSowore bears the brunt of the collective dissatisfaction of the Citizens of Nigerians toward a grossly incompetent and intolerant @AsoRock .

We must thank him for once again reminding us that:

The Power of the People is greater than the People in Power!

When the Citizens of Nigeria are ready, neither @YeleSowore nor anyone else needed publicly mobilize them and be accused of “wanting to overthrow a government”.

The Citizens shall on they’re own rid themselves of a trenchantly incompetent and wicked Political Class.
It’ll happen





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