Woman Feeds Boyfriend’s Side Chick With Dog Faeces (Video)

A South African woman is currently being investigated for forcing her boyfriend’s alleged side chick to eat dog faeces as punishment for sleeping with him.

The side chick
The side chick

The woman, who she filmed herself, shared the video which has since gone viral.

In the video, the side chick, identified as Ivodene “Dienkie” van Niekerk, 28, is seen being shouted at and forced to eat out of a big bag of faeces as the nurse hurls abuse at her.

The South African woman can be heard saying

“Eat. I will show you what I do with (cheaters). That is not my k*k, it is my dog’s k*k. You are not going to get nausea and vomit here, can you see my place is clean?,”

The victim, who moans and struggles to stomach the contents, is then told:

“Swallow, you are taking too long, take another piece.”

“Take another piece, you can choose which one you want – soft, hard, mushy or anything,” the woman is heard saying.

The dog feeder, who happens to be a nurse also told the younger lady that she has a sexually transmitted disease but her HIV result is negative.

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In her words,

“When are you going to the clinic?”

The nurse says;

“You make sure that you go to the clinic immediately and tell them I sent you. If you don’t go, don’t make me look for you,” the woman says, while waving an object which looks like a chain in her hand.

“There you go, chew for auntie. Beautiful.”

Watch the video below:


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