‘You Must Always Be Grateful’ – Ubi Franklin

Ubi Franklin
Triple MG Boss, Ubi Franklin

Triple MG Ubi Franklin via his IG page has shared hie encounter with someone he helped out in 2018,  who had approached him for money to treat his sick mother.

Ubi went on to say he did not know the man from Adam but still went on to help him.

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Sometime in July 2018, I received a call from a certain guy notifying me that his mum was ill and needed help with her hospital bills. Firstly, I ask him how he got my phone number since I did not know him and he said someone gave it to him.

Even though I was not too satisfied with his response, I understood the feeling of not having money, yet a loved one( as in this case, his mum) is critically ill. Bearing this in mind, I requested for his account number, sent him money and that was it.

Last night a guy walked up to me in the club and asked if I knew him, I said no and he reminded me about the favour I had done him and his mum.

Now the main story is; this guy was obviously going through a hard time during the period he contacted me earlier, but he is now ‘back on his feet’ and doing well. Interestingly, he has offered me something major which I will share later.



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