Angela Okorie Narrates Story Behind Her Son’s Birth

Angela Okorie and her son
Angela Okorie and her son

Nollywood actress Angela Okorie has taken to social media to celebrate her son who turns 8 today.

Sharing a bit about how he was birthed, the actress revealed that her son Chamberline died shortly after she gave birth to him.

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She wrote “Happy birthday to this Miracle child. When I gave birth to you, You died and the doctor asked us to go. But God proved himself He showed he is God all by himself, He proved to me and to the world that

“It is him that gives life and takes life. You actually died when Christ died and resurrected when he resurrected. Every evil eye monitoring your life
Go blind In Jesus name, Who is he that says a thing and it comes to pass, when the lord has not spoken, nobody

“You shall live, You shall explore, The world will celebrate you. You are with the blood of Jesus. You are protected by God almighty. Where people go and fail

“You shall succeed. May the blessings of God Rain on you. My king @realkingchamberline, As it is writing on 5th of September that a special kid with an extraordinary grace shall be born, and you came forth, Thank you, Lord, for everything. I will be forever grateful to you lord

“My future president, I wish you everything best in Jesus mighty name Amen.

“Keep making me and the world proud.

“Guys help me celebrate my son!””


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