Church Of Satan, Wale Gate Clash Over Lady That Said She Served The Devil For 990 Years

Wale Gates Reacts To RCCG's Tweet Of Masturbation Is No Different To Rape
Wale Gates

The church of Satan and Wale Gate, a popular UK based comedian, on Tuesday clashed on social media after a lady who claimed to have served the devil for 990 years said that the game of football is Anti-Christ.

Reacting to what the lady said, the comedian sent the Church of Satan a direct message on Twitter, asking if the lady really served the devil for that long and the church replied ”No.”

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Not satisfied with the response, the humour merchant further asked if they pay her pension for such long service and the Church of Devil replied; ”Crazy people say crazy things. Hardly a new revelation. Not much else to say about it.

See screenshot of their exchange below:


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