Girl, 20, Sells Baby For N70k In Calabar; Blames Hunger

Baby’s feet

A Cameroonian refugee at Adagom refugee camp in Cross River state on August 25, sold her nine-month-old baby to a stranger for N70,000.

Claudia, a 20-year-old girl, who has been at the refugee camp since she arrived in Nigeria in October 2018 after she escaped the crisis in Cameroon, was pregnant with the baby at the time.

Following the hellish conditions of living in the refugee camp, she struck a deal three weeks who, to sell her child for N70,000.

According to TheCable, Charles Ojon, leader of the refugees in Adagom camp, said the buyer, whose name could not be immediately confirmed, came to the camp where he met a resident named, Victor, a barber; seeking a child to adopt.

“The boy that bought the baby told the barber to find someone to stay with him. So, the boy agreed to help him get someone,” Ojon said.

“He met the girl and explained things to her. It was when the girl came that they later agreed she will sell the baby to the man. She followed him to a hotel in town where they stayed till the next morning before he settled her and paid her the money.

“I remember when she came to the camp pregnant, she delivered shortly after she arrived here but has been struggling to survive.”

“The barber told her she will take N30,000 while he collects N40,000,”

The deal seemed to have been successful until Claudia returned to the camp with the money — and it was time to settle Victor who linked her up to the buyer.

They were said to have agreed to share the money at the ratio of N55:45 but trouble started when Victor insisted on taking the lion’s share.

Elvis Manget, one of the refugees on the security team of the camp, said the deal was discovered when an argument ensued over the money.

“The barber told her she will take N30,000 while he collects N40,000,” he said, adding that the woman protested.

“She said no, that it is her child; so she will take the N40,000 while the guy takes N30,000. So it was when they were trying to fight that we saw them.

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“The police came and they found out the money. Already, the other man had left with the baby. The barber was called and both of them were taken to the police station but he was later released.

“The money was collected from her and kept. They have been calling the guy but he is not picking. We told him there is a job we want him to do but he said he has already gone to Calabar and up till today, the police are looking for him.”

“When the police came, said she sold the child because of hardship; that there is no food or anything to feed the child. ”

“That was just before they paid us for July. Then, everywhere was dry. A lot of us have been selling our things and using them to settle the debt.”


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